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Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam moulana abdul karim abid molana fazlur rehman press confrence at jamia madnia

Karachi January 2012 Maulana fazlur rehman president of jamiat ulama-e-islam with Maulana Abdul Karim Abid vice president of jamiat ulama-e-islam Sindh media...

As India battles Pakistan in the World Cup, Robin Hood Army, first set up in Delhi, debuts in Karachi

Feb 15, 2015    

India's Robin Hood Army, a group of volunteers whohead out in green t-shirts every Sunday to distribute food, clothes and blankets among the homeless across sevencities in the country, has chosen the day of the India-Pakistan World Cup match to spread its wings in the rival country."I keep reminding my Indian counterparts that even the Robin Hood Army is rooting for green! But on a serious note, it is just an exciting time for the Pak-India relationship and while we might be playing against each other on one platform, we stand together on another," Sarah Afridi, who is spearheading t...

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