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Pashto new Naat 2013 2012 2014

Pashto mast Naat afghan Dari Kabul Jalalabad Nangrahar kunar kunduz Peshawar before after bigligar mulana tariq Omar Imran khan lag human laghman paktia loga...

Suicide bombers in Kabul given injections that make them 'crazy' before attacking

Aug 13, 2014    

Kabul A suicide bomber arrested in southern Aghanistan's Kandahar province, a Taliban stronghold, has said suicide attackers receive special injection before conducting an attack."Before going to conduct suicide attack against our target, I received injection which made me crazy to reach the target like a crazy lover," Xinhua reported citing a statement issued by the Kandahar provincial government.Arrested suicide bomber Rahmatullah said Tuesday that after receiving training in Pakistan he was assigned to attack Kandahar provincial governor but was arrested before reaching the target...

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