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Tom Inglis - 03 Come to the river - We are one - 1993 (lyrics)

LYRICS:Kumbayah, kumbayah. Kumbayah, kumbayah. Kumbayah, kumbayah.O come to the river everyone who thirsts. O drink from the river 'til your soul is ready to burst. O come, everyone who thirsts. Drink deep 'til your soul is ready to burst.O come to the river, come everyone. O drink from the ri ...

AB De Villiers, Johannesburg and 44 balls that shook the world

Jan 19, 2015    

Johannesburg.Ive been there. A few times.Its not a pretty place. Its not a tourist Mecca. Its not a place I felt particularly safe. Its a place where strange things happen. It is crickets Bermuda Triangle.Former Australian quick Mick Lewis probably shares the same thoughts. He holds the record for the most runs conceded in an ODI. It happened in Johannesburg.0/113He would tell you that for bowlers, Johannesburg is unsafe and that strange things happen there. That was his experience in March 2006.January 2015 has seen another bowling apocalypse. Same place. Different names. Bigger scale. Under ...

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