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Tom Inglis - 03 Come to the river - We are one - 1993 (lyrics)

LYRICS:Kumbayah, kumbayah. Kumbayah, kumbayah. Kumbayah, kumbayah.O come to the river everyone who thirsts. O drink from the river 'til your soul is ready to burst. O come, everyone who thirsts. Drink deep 'til your soul is ready to burst.O come to the river, come everyone. O drink from the ri ...

Bizarre! Two men journey from Johannesburg to London in planes undercarriage, one dead

Jun 20, 2015    

A suspected stowaway was found unconscious on a flight from Johannesburg after the plane landed in London and a second man may have died falling out of the same flight, British police said Friday.The man found alive on Thursday is believed to be 24 years old and police said that he had been hiding in the undercarriage of the British Airways plane at the end of a journey that usually lasts 11 hours."His condition is now described as critical," a police statement said.Police had found the body of the dead man on the roof of an office under the flight path to London Heathrow Airport and...

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