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8/2/2027 - The Sign of the Son of Man in Heaven from Jerusalem

For more information see_ http_// No one knows the day or hour when Christ returns! Once he returns, some time passes, and this is the day C...

Mistreatment of young Palestinians fuels rage in east Jerusalem

Sep 26, 2014    

Jerusalem Palestinian teenagers taunt riot police at a barricade in east Jerusalem, just moments after stun grenades fired by Israeli security forces send stonethrowing youths scattering.The arrests and alleged mistreatment of hundreds of young Palestinians have deepened anger in Arab parts of the Holy City following the killing of a 16yearold by Jewish extremists in July.Muadh and Mohammed Salaymeh have both been taken from their houses during the middle of the night for questioning."I've been arrested twice," said Muadh, 14."The first time I spent eight days in prison. They to...

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