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Göksel Baktagir - Hicaz Saz Semaisi (Garip)

Göksel Baktagir - Hicaz Saz Semaisi (Garip)Kanun : Göksel Baktagir Ud : Yurdal Tokcan Viyolonsel : Emrullah Şenguller Kemençe : Selim Güler Keman : Baki Kemancı Perküsyon : İzzet Kızıl & Yinon Muallem Arp : Natalia Mann

Police violently breakup Istanbul gay pride parade: Demonstrators dispersed by tear gas, water cannons

Jun 29, 2015    

Istanbul: Turkish police used water cannons and tear gas against gay pride marchers trying to rally in Istanbul's central square on Sunday, forcing the thousands of demonstrators to gather several blocks away.Two people were injured, according to the Dogan news agency. The extent of their injuries wasn't immediately known.Between 100 and 200 protesters were chased away from Taksim Square as they began gathering in the late afternoon. Police hemmed the demonstrators into a small corner of the square and then fired several jets of water to force them down a side street.Within minutes, the noisy ...

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