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Fast Qasai in Islamabad.flv Expert Qasai in Markaz Ahlehadith G-6, Islamabad.

Not everyone can enter this Islamabad mall without paying: See if you are one of them

Jul 03, 2015    

Why do you think malls exist? To sprint over to if there's a long power-cut at home. To take that selfie outside the Chanel showroom. To make sure the first date is in a 'safe' place. To grab a lazy gift for a party you have to attend in two hours. Or to just ogle - at shops, food, people, chandeliers, clean floors or whatever else gets you going.We have never quite tried to understand what mall owners feel about their shiny entrapment doubling up as evening walk promenades and Facebook display picture manufacturers. So an Islamabad mall decided to give its patrons a taste of what it thinks ab...

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