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Hungary White Tailed Eagle Cam 4 2 13 5_30am UTC

Hortobágy National Park As the Sun slowly rises in the East, the young get fed......

Hungary court finds 92-year old Communist guilty of war crimes

May 13, 2014    

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - A Budapest court on Tuesday found a former senior official in the Hungarian Communist Party guilty of war crimes during the suppression of the 1956 anti-Soviet uprising.It was the first trial launched against a former top Communist in Hungary after the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a staunch anti-Communist, pushed through a law in 2011 which opened the way to dealing with crimes committed after the 1956 uprising.More than two decades after the fall of Communism, 92-year-old Bela Biszku was charged over his role on a committee of the Communist Party that prose...

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