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[Eng Sub Full link] Running Man Episode 135 - Jackie Chan & Choi Siwon

Part. 1 Part. 2 Part. 3 Part. 4 Part. 5 : Jackie Chan in Running Man Guests : Choi Si Won [Super Junior] and Jackie Chan Detail : This episode is about Jackie Chan in Running Man. The special g ...

Former Disney CEO faces flak after saying 'beautiful, funny women' are hard to find in Hollywood

Jul 07, 2015    

On-stage at a festival that advertises itself as the "premier" gathering place to engage in thoughtful ideas and issues that challenge our times, 73-year old former Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, said that its difficult to find beautiful and funny women in the film industry.During a discussion between actress Goldie Hawn and Eisner at the Aspen Ideas Festival on Thursday, Eisner suggested why Hawn was a unique player in the field of female artists in Hollywood.From my position, the hardest artist to find is a beautiful, funny woman, he said, according to this Atlantic article. By far. T...

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