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Lila Wolken Materia,Yasha & Miss Platinum

Facebook: Wolken Songtext : Vers (Yasha): 30 Grad, ich kühl' mein' Kopf am Fensterglas, such den Zeitlupenknopf Wir leben immer schneller, feiern zu hart, wir treffen die Freunde und vergessen unsern Tag, wolln' kein Stress, kein Druck, nehm'n Zu ...

Former Disney CEO faces flak after saying 'beautiful, funny women' are hard to find in Hollywood

Jul 07, 2015    

On-stage at a festival that advertises itself as the "premier" gathering place to engage in thoughtful ideas and issues that challenge our times, 73-year old former Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, said that its difficult to find beautiful and funny women in the film industry.During a discussion between actress Goldie Hawn and Eisner at the Aspen Ideas Festival on Thursday, Eisner suggested why Hawn was a unique player in the field of female artists in Hollywood.From my position, the hardest artist to find is a beautiful, funny woman, he said, according to this Atlantic article. By far. T...

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