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Lila Wolken Materia,Yasha & Miss Platinum

Facebook: Wolken Songtext : Vers (Yasha): 30 Grad, ich kühl' mein' Kopf am Fensterglas, such den Zeitlupenknopf Wir leben immer schneller, feiern zu hart, wir treffen die Freunde und vergessen unsern Tag, wolln' kein Stress, kein Druck, nehm'n Zu ...

From Tomb Raider to Need for Speed: A Hollywood guide movies based on video games

Sep 05, 2015    

Agent 47, the big budget adaptation of the widely popular video game Hitman hit theatres on Friday. But going by the reviews, we won't necessarily recommend you go out and watch it.This will be the second time the Hollywood has attempted to bring Agent 47 to the silver screen. In 2007, Hitman hit the big screens but with equally dismal reviews a 14 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes (Agent 47 stands at 7 percent).The only reason anyone paid any attention to this movies was because it starred Breaking Bad fame Aaron Paul.Fun Fact: The title for the movie comes from a famous line in 1986 Top Gun...

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