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Juru 1 Pencak Silat Ratu Adil

Pencak Silat Oss Update_ the organization of Pencak Silat Ratu Adil / Terlinden Martial Arts would like to thank the people who have responded to this messag...

Holland asks India to join global cyber crime control initiative

Oct 18, 2014    

New Delhi, Oct 17 (IANS) The Netherlands has asked India to join in an international initiative for capacity building in the area cyber crime control to be launched in April next year.The initiative is to be launched at the fourth Global Cyberspace Conference to be hosted by Netherlands during April 2015, Uri Rosenthal, the country's special envoy for the conference, told reporters Friday on the sidelines of a conference here on cyber security and governnace."We have discussed with the Indian foreign ministry for getting India on board in the initiative we'll be launching for capacity bui...

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