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How Adam Lanza got Prozac

Adam Lanza was on Prozac? A powerful drug that causes people to halucinate & take suicidal & homicidal actions.This anti-depressant drugs are what caused the shooting at the Conn. school & Columbine & every school shooting, according to Dr. Gary Null, ND, Film maker Michael Moore, and ov ...

Hamburg says 'Nein' again: Residents vote against hosting 2024 Olympics in referendum

Nov 30, 2015    

Berlin: Hamburg's bid to host the 2024 Olympics fell at the first hurdle today when residents voted 'No' in a crunch referendum as the German public again torpedoed plans to host a Games.Local residents in Hamburg and Kiel, where the sailing events would have been held, vetoed the proposed bid with 51.7 percent of the 650,000 votes against the Olympic bid while 48.3 were in favour.[caption id="attachment_2526332" align="alignleft" width="380"]

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