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Culebra convertida en mujer

Impresionante lo que se ha visto, una culebra convertida en mujer, se dice que fue encontrada en unas fincas de Guatemala, se dice tambien que pudo ser un echizo de alguien que practicaba la brujeria...

Former Guatemala dictator granted 'special trial,' won't testify| Reuters

Aug 26, 2015    

GUATEMALA CITY A Guatemalan court ruled on Tuesday that ex-dictator Efrain Rios Montt will be given a "special trial" next year on genocide charges in which the 89-year-old will not have to testify and will not be sent to prison if convicted, due to mental incapacity. The ruling revives the hopes of those seeking a new sentence against Rios Montt two years after a historic conviction of the former strongman was thrown out on a technicality. Guatemala's forensic authority declared in July that Rios Montt was mentally unfit to be tried again on the charges that he was responsible ...

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