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Paidi Gennaio | Konstantinos Argiros (Refren) +Stixoi

Κωνσταντίνος Αργυρός "Παιδί Γενναίο" (στίχοι) |New Song 2012/2013|Like fb:"Δεν κάνω το σπουδαίο, μα είμαι παιδί γενναίο! Δεν την φοβάμαι ...

Euro has always been a shaky concept with or without Greece

Jul 01, 2015    

The world is going bonkers over whether Greece will default on the 1.6 billion euros that it needs to pay the International Monetary Fund(IMF) today. All together the country owes 240 billion euros to the troika of European Commission, European Central Bank (ECB) and IMF. With the default, chances are Greece will have to exit from the Eurozone and stop using euro as its currency.Irrespective of whatever happens to Greece, euro continues to remain a shaky idea. In order to understand this point, we need to go back a little in history.The European Union (EU) was established by the Maastricht Tre...

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