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aprile 2013 musica tormentone estate 2013 tormentoni del momento 2013 successo ANNEE' - HOT RHYTHM

NOVITA' !!! MIX DANCE/HOUSE (SETTEMBRE-OTTOBRE 2012) Novità Settembre - Ottobre 2012 Musica House Mix Commerciale Dance Remix best mix hit Romanian Dance House 2012/2013 - ♥ selection /September/Settembre October/Ottobre - Mix peppe alberti dj forever i love na na na i love nanana Musica House De ...

Greece elections: Voters give mandate to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

Sep 21, 2015    

Athens: Jubilant supporters of Alexis Tsipras' left-wing Syriza party cheered, waved party flags and danced today after the party comfortably won Greece's third national vote this year despite a party rebellion over his acceptance of a painful third international bailout.With 54 per cent of the vote counted, Syriza stood at 35.5 per cent, with the conservative New Democracy at 28 per cent while the Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn was coming in third with 7.1 per cent, followed closely by the once-mighty socialist PASOK party with 6.4 per cent.Abstention was high, at nearly 45 per cent in an election...

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