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aprile 2013 musica tormentone estate 2013 tormentoni del momento 2013 successo ANNEE' - HOT RHYTHM

NOVITA' !!! MIX DANCE/HOUSE (SETTEMBRE-OTTOBRE 2012) Novità Settembre - Ottobre 2012 Musica House Mix Commerciale Dance Remix best mix hit Romanian Dance House 2012/2013 - ♥ selection /September/Settembre October/Ottobre - Mix peppe alberti dj forever i love na na na i love nanana Musica House De ...

Greece's Tsipras asserts control over party with congress vote| Reuters

Jul 31, 2015    

ATHENS Greece's ruling Syriza movement backed a call on Thursday from Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to hold an emergency party congress as he seeks to assert his control over rebel lawmakers balking at new bailout talks.At a meeting of the Syriza movement's 200-member central committee held in an old cinema hall, Tsipras defended his decision to accept harsh bailout terms as the best deal anyone could win for Greece.He threw down the gauntlet before his critics by proposing an immediate membership ballot on the bailout negotiation, but said his preference was for Syriza to hold an emergency co...

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