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aprile 2013 musica tormentone estate 2013 tormentoni del momento 2013 successo ANNEE' - HOT RHYTHM

NOVITA' !!! MIX DANCE/HOUSE (SETTEMBRE-OTTOBRE 2012) Novità Settembre - Ottobre 2012 Musica House Mix Commerciale Dance Remix best mix hit Romanian Dance House 2012/2013 - ♥ selection /September/Settembre October/Ottobre - Mix peppe alberti dj forever i love na na na i love nanana Musica House De ...

U.N. decries Balkans border curbs on refugees; arrivals in Greece fall | Reuters

Nov 25, 2015    

GENEVA About 1,000 migrants are stuck at the main border crossing into Macedonia from Greece, denied entry due to their nationalities in contravention of international law, the United Nations said.Balkan countries have clamped down at their borders recently to stem what has been an anarchic, largely unchecked stream of humanity into Europe this year but there were signs on Tuesday that the tide was starting to ebb somewhat - although relief officials cautioned that it was too early to declare a trend."Talk about a sharp drop in the number of refugee arrivals to Greece may be premature. UN...

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