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Αναστασιαδης ~ ΧτιCε μια γεφυρα... / Xtise mia gefira... 2012(HD audio) Ο Δημος Αναστασιαδης σε μια εκπληκτικη μπαλαντα που θα μας ταξιδεyει για αλλη μια φορα...Μουσική: Δήμος Αναστασιάδης + Στίχοι: Βίκυ Γεροθόδωρ ...

Greece loosens capital restrictions on businesses| Reuters

Jul 25, 2015    

ATHENS Greece started loosening restrictions on foreign transfers by businesses on Friday, unblocking imports held up after the country introduced capital controls last month.Businesses have been hit by limits on transferring money abroad to pay for imports of raw material and other items since the controls started on June 29, and have had to apply to a special committee for permission to pay their foreign suppliers, a time-consuming process."The daily limit (on money transfers) has been raised to 100,000 euros from 50,000 euros," central bank governor Yannis Stournaras told reporter...

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