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Αναστασιαδης ~ ΧτιCε μια γεφυρα... / Xtise mia gefira... 2012(HD audio) Ο Δημος Αναστασιαδης σε μια εκπληκτικη μπαλαντα που θα μας ταξιδεyει για αλλη μια φορα...Μουσική: Δήμος Αναστασιάδης + Στίχοι: Βίκυ Γεροθόδωρ ...

Euro ticks up, stocks rise as Greece fights for deal| Reuters

May 28, 2015    

NEW YORK European stocks lead major markets higher on Wednesday and the euro edged up on signs, later dismissed, that Greece and its creditors were drafting an agreement that would provide Athens much-needed debt relief.The U.S. dollar index added to the previous session's gains, boosted by an advance against the yen, and Nikkei futures rallied.Greece's government said it is starting to draft an agreement with creditors including the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, but European officials quickly dismissed that as wishful thinking. The rebuttal notwithstanding, market move...

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