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Body In Balance Greece-Έχουμε ευχαριστημένους Πιλάτες Το bodyinbalance είναι ένας πολυ-βραβευμένος διεθνής οργανισμός που επικεντρώνεται στo ευζήν, την καλή φυσική κατάσταση και την υγεία, με όραμα να κάνουμ ...

EXCLUSIVE: Europeans tried to block IMF debt report on Greece - sources| Reuters

Jul 04, 2015    

BRUSSELS Euro zone countries tried in vain to stop the IMF publishing a gloomy analysis of Greece's debt burden which the leftist government says vindicates its call to voters to reject bailout terms, sources familiar with the situation said on Friday.The document released in Washington on Thursday said Greece's public finances will not be sustainable without substantial debt relief, possibly including write-offs by European partners of loans guaranteed by taxpayers.It also said Greece will need at least 50 billion euros in additional aid over the next three years to keep itself afloat.Publica...

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