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Video Montage of how the Nile Valley Culture was thousand of yrs ago and is still relevant today to the people of Africa. This is to debunk all the Euronuts & Arab conspiracy theories that Ancient Kemet (Egypt) was built by Eurpeans or Arabs. Egypt is in Africa and stays in Africa!!!Credit goes to ...

Insight - Drought tests a changed Ethiopia | Reuters

Jan 31, 2016    

FEDETO/ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia On a treeless plain in eastern Ethiopia, thousands of destitute pastoralists have set up camp outside the tiny village of Fedeto. Over the past six months the camp has swelled as one of the worst droughts in decades has decimated herds, dried up pasture and made even drinking water scarce.

"We wandered for three months, losing every single animal apart from two donkeys," sa...

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