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Learning English - Lesson Two (Hello/Goodbye)

In this lesson we look at the many ways to say hello and goodbye. This is the new version of Lesson 2.Thank you to the many people who have said that 'Howdy' is not used as a formal greeting anymore. However, it can be used as an informal one, as a way of greeting a person in a fun and casual way. ...

Stocks from Egypt, south India will protect your wallet from onions soon

Aug 25, 2015    

Mumbai: Onion prices should stabilise in eight days time. From the present price hovering between Rs 55-Rs 70 a kg, it is expected to be Rs 45-Rs 50 a kg. The main reason for the expected fall in prices is the import of onions from Egypt and the new crop from the southern states. Around 200 containers are expected from Egypt shortly. Three containers arrived on Saturday at JNPT and was despatchedto wholesale traders in the country.Traders in the onion market say that when the new onions arrive in the market, the rates of the old onions which are markedly high now, will stabilise.The other way ...

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