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تحميل لعبة الثورة المصرية gta egypt team

اضغط علي كلمة اظهار المزيد لروؤية الروابط وتحميل اللعبة من علي موقع رب شير تعمل 100% صفحة اللعبة عالفيس بوك الروابط تم الرفع بواسطة admin:zizo اللعبة اهي ...

Islamic State's Egypt affiliate urges attacks on judges - recording| Reuters

May 21, 2015    

CAIRO Islamic State's Egypt affiliate on Wednesday urged followers to attack judges, declaring a new front in an Islamist militant insurgency in the world's most populous Arab state.The leader of the group, Sinai Province, called for violence against judges in an audio statement posted on a prominent jihadist website on Wednesday.Reuters could not confirm the authenticity of the recording.A spate of attacks targeting judges suggests they are the latest targets of an insurgency centred in North Sinai that has killed hundreds of Egyptian soldiers and police in the past two years."It is wron...

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