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فيراري عبدالله العدوه المنسوري ستالون لمتيد اديشن Me & Sheikh Saud AL - Sabah & Sheikh Athbi Al-Sabah & Yacoub Al-Omani & our Friends Showing our cars . MY F...

Kerala man goes 'missing' by choice for 40 years in Dubai

Oct 21, 2014    

Stories of reunions are usually tearful or happy--this is well, bizarre! Baputty or Abdulla Punathil Usman who hailed from Thrissur district of Kerala wentto Dubai in 1974-75 from Mumbai on a ship with a valid visa andwent missing for 40 years.He was found on a hospital bed in Dubai by his family this Friday.So, where did he disappear for 40 years?According to an Indian Express report, Baputty lived in an Arab's house and has never seen the city--he hasn't even heard about the famousBurj Khalifa.Although the minimum wage for a domestic worker in UAE is 1,100 dirhams, Baputty told his nephew Ha...

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