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PAYDAY: The Heist - OVERDRILL Secret (12/8/12)

This was my run of the Overdrill secret in PAYDAY_ The Heist. This run was on December 8th, 2012 so I did manage to beat it in time and got the secret masks ...

New York doctor to Liberian in Dallas A look at the 9 Ebola cases in the US

Oct 24, 2014    

There have been nine cases of Ebola seen in the United States since the beginning of August. A Liberian man who died on 8 October in a Dallas hospital was the first person diagnosed with the virus on US soil. The latest case is a doctor in New York City diagnosed on 23 October.Two hospital employees who cared for the man have been infected with the virus, which has killed more than 4,500 people and infected more than 9,100 in the worst outbreak on record, centered in three impoverished West African countries Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.The following are details of cases of the hemorrhagic...

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