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Terror en Chernobyl Pelicula Completa Online

Hola amigos si les interesa ver la pelicula completa aqui dejo el link Simplemente esperan 5 segundos le dan saltar publicidad y listo pueden disfrutarla con palomitas, ya que el cine esta muy caro jjeje :) la peli esta subtitulada pero se ve chida hasta eso no se ve como grabad ...

Bangladesh factory toll tops 1000 Worst industrial accident since Chernobyl

May 10, 2013    

The 1,000th body has been pulled from the Bangladesh garment-factory building that collapsed last month. Very few other industrial accidents in world history have had such a high death toll.This is a timeline of some them April 26, 1986 A reactor meltdown at the Chernobyl nuclear plant in present-day Ukraine spews radiation into the surrounding community. A fire kills dozens of people immediately, and contamination of the air, food and water has been blamed for thousands of deaths. United Nations agencies have put the death toll at 4,000 to 9,000, with anti-nuclear groups contending the number...

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