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R16 Viet Nam 2013 - Final - Bigtoe Crew vs S.I.N.E Crew

* Winner: SINE Crew * BigToe Crew: BBoy Bun-x, S-Monkey, B-Four, Lee, Akila, Chonni, P-Gust, Checkid * S.I.N.E Crew: BBoy J-Buddha, Melon, Melody Wind, Slowly, Thắng Kid, Lazy Goat, Cancel, Monney * Judge: - Dyzee (Canada) - Choco (Taiwan) - G1 (Thailands) - Trickx (Korea) - Flex (Korea ...

Washington, Beijing confront differences on cyber security and South China Sea

Jun 24, 2015    

Washington: The United States and China vowed to avoid confrontation as they headedinto a final day of key talks, confronting head-on differences on issues such as cyber security and freedom of the seas.President Barack Obama was also preparing to meet key members of the Chinese delegation ahead of a visit in September by Chinese President Xi Jinping.US Vice President Joe Biden sharply warned Beijing on Tuesday that the world's waterways -- which carry 80 percent of the planet's commerce -- must remain open."Responsible countries adhere to international law and work together to keep inter...

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