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R16 Viet Nam 2013 - Final - Bigtoe Crew vs S.I.N.E Crew

* Winner: SINE Crew * BigToe Crew: BBoy Bun-x, S-Monkey, B-Four, Lee, Akila, Chonni, P-Gust, Checkid * S.I.N.E Crew: BBoy J-Buddha, Melon, Melody Wind, Slowly, Thắng Kid, Lazy Goat, Cancel, Monney * Judge: - Dyzee (Canada) - Choco (Taiwan) - G1 (Thailands) - Trickx (Korea) - Flex (Korea ...

Beijing says HK top leader is above legislature, judiciary| Reuters

Sep 13, 2015    

HONG KONG Hong Kong's leader enjoys a special legal position that puts him above the legislature and judiciary, China's top official in the city said, raising some politicians' concerns about Beijing's expanding influence in the city.Hong Kong's leader, the Chief Executive, reports to the central Chinese government. Thousands of the city's residents have held protests demanding full democracy, putting pressure on current leader Leung Chun-ying.Speaking on Saturday, Beijing's chief liaison officer Zhang Xiaoming said political systems where branches of government could check the powers of other...

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