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Il Divo singing Chinese nursery rhyme "Two Tigers"(两只老虎) on "Life of Music" with Sun Xiaomei

An improvisational performance of Chinese nursery rhyme "Two Tigers"(两只老虎) by Il Divo and Sun Xiaomei (hostess of the show) on CCTV-15(Chinese Central Televi...

Beijing suffers from heavy smog once again, yellow alert issued

Oct 09, 2014    

Beijing The highly polluted fog is back again to haunt the Chinese capital as the government issued a yellow alert for air pollution for the next three days advising residents to take a number of precautions.Due to the weather, pollution was predicted to remain heavy in Beijing until Saturday, the Beijing heavy air pollution response office said on Thursday.The Beijing Meteorological Observatory on Wednesday issued a yellow alert for smog, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.Besides the commencement of winter, officials say the pollution is caused by ramped-up production by industrial units ...

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