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Il Divo singing Chinese nursery rhyme "Two Tigers"(两只老虎) on "Life of Music" with Sun Xiaomei

An improvisational performance of Chinese nursery rhyme "Two Tigers"(两只老虎) by Il Divo and Sun Xiaomei (hostess of the show) on CCTV-15(Chinese Central Television - Music Channel) "Life of Music". It's rather hilarious.This clip is from the episode of Il Divo interview on "Life of Music" wh ...

Washington, Beijing confront differences on cyber security and South China Sea

Jun 24, 2015    

Washington: The United States and China vowed to avoid confrontation as they headedinto a final day of key talks, confronting head-on differences on issues such as cyber security and freedom of the seas.President Barack Obama was also preparing to meet key members of the Chinese delegation ahead of a visit in September by Chinese President Xi Jinping.US Vice President Joe Biden sharply warned Beijing on Tuesday that the world's waterways -- which carry 80 percent of the planet's commerce -- must remain open."Responsible countries adhere to international law and work together to keep inter...

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