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Enric Corbera - Seminario de Curación Emocional - Sevilla Parte 3 6 (6).mp4 // cajapandora1@gmail.comEnric CorberaSeminario de Curación EmocionalIntroducción a la biodescodificación - Parte 2 de 9SEVILLA, 7 de enero de 2012La Biodescodificación pretende optimizar los tratamientos que el paciente recibe .La biodescodificación nos ...

Gunman opens fire in Barcelona, one person injured

Jul 28, 2015    

Madrid: A gunman opened fire in a street in downtown Barcelona on Tuesday, wounding one person, Spanish police said.A regional police official said two people were standing outside a hotel when the shooter arrived and opened fire on them, wounding one. The pair fled and were later found by police. The official said the second person had also been injured when he fell on glass.The gunman fled the scene and was being sought by police.The official said the two people had not been staying at the hotel. She said police are as yet unable to say what the motive was for the shooting. She spoke on cond...

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