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BCNSWING. Baile swing en Barcelona.

Cada 1er y 3er Domigo de mes, la asociación de swing de barcelona BCNSWING organiza baile (social) en la glorieta del Parque de la Ciutadella. En aquesta oca...

Barcelona thief steals Venkaiah Naidu's bag, throws passport but keeps credit card

Nov 21, 2014    

Urban development minister Venkaiah Naidu had an unpleasant experience in Barcelona as his bag, which contained his passport and other belongings, was stolen during his visit to Spain.This incident came to light this morning ( Friday)as two tweets posted on Naidu's Twitter account explained how his bag had been stolen, according to a report in The Times of India. Both the tweets were later removed."Somebody stolen bag containing my passport along with other documents in the lobby of hotel where I was staying at Barcelona," said one tweet.However, Naidu later clarified that that the t...

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