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Bangladesh Dutabash, Bijoy Debosh 14

Bangladesh Dutabash, Bijoy Debosh 14

From building ties to new bus routes: What PM Modi will focus on during his Bangladesh trip

May 27, 2015    

Next month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be startingon his yet another foreign trip, this time to a country with which weshare the longest land border exceeding 4,000 kmBangladesh.Modis Bangladesh visit would be laden with a strategic agenda and will have the potential to be the most substantive visit he has undertaken till now to any of the SAARC countries. If all goes well, hisvisit to Bangladesh would put a primary structure of a parallel SAARC minus the troublesome neighbour Pakistan in place.It would set up the first bricks in the BBIN architectureas noted earlier.Intra-regional SAAR...

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