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Bishwajit Killed by Awami League

Dear Humanity,In Bangladesh, the riots and protests between the government and opposition party is taking the lives of innocent people! Bishwajit Das, a 23 year old boy was murdered in day light on camera and no one did anything to stop the attack. On December 9, there was a hortal (protest) in ol ...

PM heading to Bangladesh with China on his mind| Reuters

May 28, 2015    

NEW DELHI Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take border settlement and water sharing deals to Bangladesh next month as part of his drive to erode Chinese influence in South Asia, although Dhaka is likely to remain dependant on Beijing for military equipment.India, which has had an uneasy relationship with China for decades, has long fretted over Beijing's military cooperation with its South Asian neighbours, especially Pakistan.It is also worried China is creating a so-called "string of pearls" across the Indian Ocean by funding port developments in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and B...

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