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Valparai Tourism - a Hot Place - SIVA 9442011007

Valparai - Tamil nadu, India Located 104 Km from Coimbatore. With 56 Tea estates(including TATA Tea, Birla Tea estates), hill station with 40 hair pin curves...

'Dead' AAP member comes alive RTI activist nabbed in Bangalore

Aug 27, 2014    

RTI activist Chandra Mohan Sharma whose burnt body was found in his car in Greater Noida nearly three months ago, is now expected to have staged his death. The activist was caughtalive in Bangalore on Wednesday.The arrest followed reports that the AAP member had been spotted in Nepal. The police had sent teams to Karnataka as well as Nepal to search for the 38-year-old Sharma suspecting he had staged his death.According to a report in the Hindustan Times, Sharma's wife, Savita confirmed unofficially that the tip-off was indeed true and said she too thought that the activist had faked his death...

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