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Seeman Speech - Naam Tamilar Pongal 2012, Bangalore

நாம் தமிழர், பொங்கல் நிகழ்ச்சி 2012. பெங்களூர், கருநாடகம்.

Sexual assault case Cops arrest trust functionary of Bangalore school

Oct 24, 2014    

Bangalore After filing a cheating case against a city school, where a nursery student was sexuallyassaulted, police on Friday arrested a functionary of a trust running it in connection with charges of violation of norms.Meanwhile, there was no breakthrough so far about the culprit even as probe continued into the offence against the child.General Secretary of the trust KRK Reddy was arrested and questioned in connection with the cheating case filed against the "Orchids, The International School" where the three-and-half-year old girl was sexually assaulted three days ago, Joint Commi...

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