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"Gelem Gelem" - l'inno del popolo Rom

"Gelem Gelem" in italiano, la memoria dell'Olocausto, il sogno di vivere in paceLa prima versione italiana di "Gelem Gelem", l'inno del popolo Rom, in un video di Steed Gamero, Roberto Malini, Dario Picciau e Fabio Patronelli. Scritta da Roberto Malini, la prima versione in italiano di "Gelem Ge ...

Return to Auschwitz: Still inescapable 70 years on

Jan 28, 2015    

OSWIECIM, Poland (Reuters) - "The trains were jam-packed," recalled Susan Pollack. "Old people, young, mothers, many children. My mother, brother and I. No one spoke.""It was hot, no air to breathe. Stench, moaning, that was the atmosphere. I think we were about 80 in the cattle wagon. When we arrived - and we didn't know where we'd come to - when the doors finally opened, whoa, hallelujah, fresh air."The year was 1944, and Pollack had arrived at Auschwitz, deported from Hungary among a wave of Jews sent to their deaths.Seven decades later, Susan, now 84, was one ...

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