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Piecing Together the Truth Behind Jodi Arias' Lies -- The Details of Travis Alexander's Death

Behind every good lie there is some truth. This video tries to extract the true parts of Jodi Arias's police interrogation story following the gruesome death...

No lessons learned: Now white police officer shoots unarmed black in Arizona

Dec 05, 2014    

A white police officer shot dead a black man in Arizona when he mistook some pills for a gun, authorities said Thursday, amid protests in New York triggered by a string of similar incidents.The officer believed the 34-year-old suspect was reaching into his pocket for a gun in the flashpoint Wednesday in Phoenix, in which the man was shot twice in the chest after a struggle.It was subsequently found that Rumain Brisbon had only pills in his pocket.The shooting occurred when the officer went to investigate reported drug-related activity outside a convenience store."During the struggle Brisb...

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