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Piecing Together the Truth Behind Jodi Arias' Lies -- The Details of Travis Alexander's Death

Behind every good lie there is some truth. This video tries to extract the true parts of Jodi Arias's police interrogation story following the gruesome death...

As Arizona inmate died, lawyers debated if he was in pain

Jul 25, 2014    

Florence, Arizona The nearly two-hour execution of a convicted murderer prompted a series of phone calls involving the governor's office, the prison director, lawyers and judges as the inmate gasped for more than 90 minutes.They discussed the brain activity and heart rate of Joseph Rudolph Wood, who was gasping over and over as witnesses looked on. The judge was concerned that no monitoring equipment showed whether the inmate had brain function, and they talked about whether to stop the execution while it was so far along.But the defense lawyers' pleading on the grounds that Wood could be suff...

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