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AFP - le JT de 18H

AFP - Le JT de 18H. Durée: 01:36-Gironde: les corps d'Andy et Erane retrouvés dans la piscine de la maison où ils avaient disparu -Justice: 30 ans de prison pour les parents de la petite Marina, pour actes de torture ayant entraîné la mort -Syrie: Ankara rispostera à toute violation de sa fro ...

Iraq warns Turkey to pull forces, Ankara says unlikely

Dec 08, 2015    

Baghdad:Baghdad warned Ankara today that time is running out to remove forces it sent to northern Iraq without permission, but Turkey indicated it was unlikely to do so.Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said there were "only 24 hours left" of the 48 that Iraq gave Turkey to remove tanks and soldiers sent to a base near Mosul. And Abadi visited the country's air force headquarters, saying: "We must be prepared and ready to defend Iraq and its sovereignty," according to his office."The air force has the capability... to protect Iraq and its borders from any threat it faces,...

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