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AFP - le JT de 18H

AFP - Le JT de 18H. Durée: 01:36-Gironde: les corps d'Andy et Erane retrouvés dans la piscine de la maison où ils avaient disparu -Justice: 30 ans de prison pour les parents de la petite Marina, pour actes de torture ayant entraîné la mort -Syrie: Ankara rispostera à toute violation de sa fro ...

Ankara, Baghdad and Riyadh ask Are US air strikes working? (Comment Special to IANS)

Oct 11, 2014    

The ISIS, plaguing many countries in West Asia, made a symbolic assertion during Haj too. At the ritual stoning of the devil at Mina, five kilometres to the East of Mecca, fluttered a black banner of the Islamic State (IS). The police said nothing.Recently, The Independent in London published an article giving a clue to ordinary Saudi reaction to IS. Patrick Cockburn, the writer, has cited a study done by Fouad Khadem of the Centre of Academic Shia Studies in London.Public discussions on sensitive issues are not permitted in Saudi Arabia. Tweeting therefore has become a common vehicle to susta...

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