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copa del mondo -groupe la fiesta- by HOPITAL

clip du groupe la fiesta pour l'équipe national algérienne Retrouvez nous sur la page officiel : https_// VIVA ALGERIA.

Roadside bomb kills seven members of Algeria's security forces

Jul 14, 2014    

ALGIERS (Reuters) - A roadside bomb killed seven members of Algeria's security forces as they were patrolling in the west of the country, the second major attack on the military in three months.Militants attacked a military convoy in Sidi Bel Abbes province in western Algeria late on Saturday, the defence ministry said in a statement. Three soldiers and four municipal guards were killed in the blast.The statement said "terrorists" carried out the attack, a term used by the authorities to refer to Islamist militants.Violence and militant attacks have become rarer since Algeria ended i...

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