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X Factor Albania 2 - Herri Beluli

Tv Klan. Per videot me te reja vizitoni: Behuni fans ne Facebook: X Factor Albania 2 - Herri Beluli X Factor Albania is the Albanian version of The X Factor, adapted from the original UK series to find new singing talent.

Albania-Italy route could see new migrant flow, EU fears| Reuters

Oct 26, 2015    

BRUSSELS The European Union is concerned that people-smugglers could open a new sea route to Italy from Albania if land borders in the Balkans are sealed, EU officials said on Sunday.Two decades after the 80-km (50-mile) Adriatic crossing saw shiploads of Albanians fleeing post-communist chaos, EU and Balkan leaders meeting in Brussels to try and control refugee movements planned to agree tighter supervision of the overland route to Albania from Greece, where most migrants enter Europe."There is a risk that the route to Albania and Italy may become the new route in winter," one senio...

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