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Belinda Torres - Envenenada Por Tu Amor ♪♫♪4 Primicias 2012 - 2013♪♫♪

AGREGA: LINK DE LA PAGINA: LINK DE DESCARGA: ჻☆჻Belinda Torres - Envenenada Por Tu Amor | Nueva Cancion X-Clusivo 2012 | Nuevamente Belinda Torres 2013 presenta estos exitos. m ...

Alaska becomes the third US state to legalise marijuana

Feb 24, 2015    

Alaska on Tuesday became the third US state to legalise the recreational use of marijuana, but organizers don't expect any public celebrations since it remains illegal to smoke marijuana in public.In the state's largest city, Anchorage, police officers are ready to start handing out $100 fines to make sure taking a toke remains something to be done behind closed doors.Placing Alaska in the same category as Washington state and Colorado with legal marijuana was the goal of a coalition including libertarians, rugged individualists and small-government Republicans who prize the privacy rights ens...

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