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Crispin Freeman at Kami-con 2012

A short clip of Crispin Freeman from one of his panels at Kami-Con Season 4 2012 in Tuscoloosa, Alabama.

This Alabama baby born without a nose is adorable

May 18, 2015    

A new born baby boy in Alabama was born without a nose and nasal cavity; the condition is calledcomplete congenital arhinia. Called the miracle baby, Eli, is one of the 37 babies in the world who has the condition, whileMetro news reports that theodds against it are 197 million to one.Buzzfeed further reports that this condition has the potential to be life-threateningby causing breathing and feeding problems.When Eli was born, in South Baldwin Hospital, Alabama, his motherBrandi McGlathery reveals, " I pulled back and said, Somethings wrong! And the doctor said, No, hes perfectly fine. T...

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