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2014 Ford Explorer - What's New?

In this episode of Town & Country TV we dive into the Ford Explorer. We show you whats new for the 2014 Ford Explorer. We also show you many of the technolog...

Attack on Sureshbhai Patel: Alabama governor's apology shouldn't whitewash US bigotry

Feb 19, 2015    

When the governor of Alabama says sorry to the Indian government, it is a big deal.States are loath to apologise even for pogroms and wars, let alone roughing up a citizen of a different country.Maher Arar was detained during a transit stop at JFK airport in New York on his way back home to Canada from Tunisia in 2002 and held without charges in solitary confinement for almost two weeks in the US. The US thought he was an al-Qaeda member and deported him to Syria where he was detained for almost a year in a rat-infested cell and tortured. The Syrian government declared him innocent, the Canadi...

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