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آهنگ وفا کردم ندانستی از بشیر جان عاصم

آهنگ وفا کردم ندانستی از بشیر جان عاصم.

UK ends combat operations in Helmand province of Afghanistan

Oct 27, 2014    

London Britain has ended combat operations in the Helmand province in Afghanistan, defense officials said on Sunday.They said UK troops have witnessed the lowering of the Union flag for the last time at the Camp Bastion complex in Helmand.US and Afghan soldiers also observed the ceremony, which marked the end of operations for the Southwest Regional Command, a US and UK coalition operating under NATO's International Security Assistance Force, British officials said.Camp Bastion has been the center of UK operations in Afghanistan since 2006. The handover of the base to Afghan control ends an im...

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