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U.S Army Firefight in Afghanistan - Helmet Cam Combat Footage - MK-48 & M203

Army Soldiers using supressing Fire with the MK-48 and M203 against the Taliban in Afghanistan. LIKE, SUBSCRIBE or COMMENT. For more Military Videos SUBSCRIBE and visit my channel.

IS declaring open war on Taliban in Afghanistan is a game changer for world diplomacy

Jun 30, 2015    

Reuters reported an important exclusive story on Monday saying that Afghanistan fighters loyal to Islamic State have seized substantial territory in Afghanistan for the first time and wrested areas in the east from rival Taliban insurgents. The story can be read here.The development should evoke a mixed bag of delight and concern among the global strategic community -- delight because two most prominent terror outfits are fighting each other and concern because IS threatens to occupy virtually ungovernable badlands of Afghanistan which would have even worse implications for world peace if it m...

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