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Tentara Amerika Kencingi Mayat (tidak disensor).flv

Marine Urinating on dead Insurgents. The pentagon will conduct a full investigation. Now US ( united states) Marines have been caught on video relieving themselves on dead Afghans. A short clip has managed to make its way to the internet and in it people can watch four US Marines on patrol in Afghan ...

CIA had weighed up South Asia intervention 20 years before Afghanistan

Sep 01, 2015    

The US was actually in the process of weighing up a direct intervention in South Asia two decades before its invasion of Afghanistan, according to a CIA report.A September 1981 Special National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) by the Central Investigative Agency titled India's Reaction to Nuclear Developments in Pakistan, details the dilemma of direct involvement in an India-Pakistan conflict or watching Pakistan be defeated.The NIE published by the CIA in June says:If India chose to attack Pakistans nuclear facilities, the hostilities would escalate quickly. (Redacted section) Pakistan would need ...

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