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Major General Mark Yenter on the future of the U.S. Army

Army Major General Mark Yenter speaks about the future of the U.S. Army as the nation withdraws out of Afghanistan and prepares to reduce the number of active duty personnel by almost 100000....

Take Tajikistan, but give Afghanistan to India: Ghani's proposal to Pakistan can change narrative in South Asia

Apr 30, 2015    

Here is a bit of hard news that sums up the tone and tenor of Afghan President Ashraf Ghanis just-concluded India visit (27-29 April) and what concrete deliverables came Indias way. The Ghani administration has bluntly told Pakistan that Afghanistan can help Pakistan get access to Tajikistan if Pakistan helps India to access Afghanistan.This is huge! Ghani himself conveyed this to his Indian interlocutors during his formal talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday.This alone shows how greatly successful Ghanis India visit has been though he has come to India after China, Pakistan, the...

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