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Beni Affet 335.Bölüm Tunç&Eylül Sahneleri

Beni Affet 335.Bölüm Feride - Cüneyt - Tunç - Eylül Sahneleri

Watch out, India: Afghanistan CEO Abdullah is getting cosy with Pakistan for peace with Taliban

Feb 05, 2016    

By Seema GuhaWhen Afghan leaders come to India they are generally forthright about Pakistan and its support of the Afghan Taliban. But this time around, Afghanistan’s Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah was much more circumspect in his interaction with reporters on Thursday.Ahead of peace talks between the Afghan government, Pakistan, US and China in Islamabad on Saturday, Abdullah Abdullah did not want to queer the pitch. When quizzed about Pakistan and the Taliban, he merely said: "Many Taliban leaders are in Pakistan," at the same time he acknowledged that "Pakistan is ...

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