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Breaking News: A five thousand years old flying machine was discovered by the US military in a lost cave in Afghanistan this week, the eight soldier are trying to get it out of that deep cave, some say it could be an ancient flying machine called Vimana from India. Music & video by Didier Manchione ...

Afghanistan says Taliban leader dead, urges peace talks| Reuters

Jul 29, 2015    

KABUL Afghanistan said on Wednesday that Mullah Omar, elusive leader of the Taliban movement behind an escalating insurgency against the government in Kabul, died more than two years ago.The announcement came a day or so before a second round of peace talks had been tentatively scheduled, and news of the fate of the one-eyed Omar could deepen Taliban divisions over whether to pursue negotiations and who should replace him.Omar had not been seen in public since fleeing when the Taliban was toppled from power by a U.S.-led coalition in 2001, and there has been speculation for years among militan...

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