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Breaking News: A five thousand years old flying machine was discovered by the US military in a lost cave in Afghanistan this week, the eight soldier are trying to get it out of that deep cave, some say it could be an ancient flying machine called Vimana from India. Music & video by Didier Manchione ...

Skeletons, skulls found under Afghanistan's presidential palace

Oct 06, 2015    

Kabul: Afghanistan's president's palace says skulls and bones belonging to two bodies have been uncovered beneath a kitchen during renovation work on the palace grounds.The gender, cause of death and identity of the skeletons are a mystery.Tuesday's palace statement says the remains have been sent for forensic examination. It also says that a commission, including representatives of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission and Physicians for Human Rights, has been set up to identify the bodies.Afghanistan has had a long history of unearthing mass graves of unidentified victims of war, ma...

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