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DermTV - How to Treat Under Breast Rashes & Infections [ Epi 190]

A common result of the skin under the breast rubbing up against the skin of the chest is rashes and irritations. In this episode, Dr. Schultz goes into more ...

Woody Allen's 'Side-Effects' back in town

Jul 04, 2014    

New Delhi, July 3 (IANS) Did you miss the staging of "Side-Effects" last time in the capital? Here is an opportunity to catch up on the Saleem Shah-directed play, which is coming here once again at the weekend.Inspired by Oscar-winning Hollywood director Woody Allen's three wittiest stories -- "The Lunatics Tale", "Retribution" and "Remembering Needleman", the Indian adaptation of "Side-Effects" will be staged Saturday and Sunday at Alliance Franaise in the capital. "This is the third show of the play in Delhi and we have not performed it ...

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