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2012 FIDE World Chess Championship - Gelfand vs. Anand - Game 2

★ FACEBOOK ★ TWITTER ★ GOOGLE+ ★ LIVESTREAM This is game 2 (two) from the 2012 Fide World Chess Championship match between the current champi ...

Corporate lessons from chess: If you play well you win, says Viswanathan Anand

Apr 15, 2015    

Chasing Passion is a four-part series distilling lessons from acclaimed masters across genres. In the second part of the series, chess champion Viswanathan Anand talks about the psychological and physical moves in chess that can be used in the boardroom.There are chess players and there is Viswanathan Anand Indias first Grandmaster and talent extraordinaire. As a 6 year-old, he was fascinated by chess watching his older brother and sister at the chessboard and nagged his mother to teach him. It wasnt a sport that was popular in India when Anand began learning it. Chess can be viewed as a syno...

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