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2012 FIDE World Chess Championship - Gelfand vs. Anand - Game 2

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After Game 7 marathon, Viswanathan Anand climbs back on board

Nov 18, 2014    

At the end of a marathon, everyone -- from the winner to the last-place finisher -- is tired. There's mental fatigue, there's muscle ache and there is an urgent need to just switch off and recoup. Game 7 of the Magnus Carlsen-Viswanathan Anand match-up was chess' equivalent of a marathon and when the players come out for Game 8, mental fatigue will be a huge factor.Carlsen pushed, as he had every right to, with white. It was a Rook + Knight vs Rook endgame and precisely the kind of situation that draws out mistakes from black. Given the blunders that Anand made it Game 6, it was the perfect op...

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