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Somaliland Show in London Jawaan iyo Sooraan

waa show aan ku cabireyno dadka somaliland in aan la wareerin karin.

My records are pretty much out reach for anyone else Usain Bolt

Sep 02, 2014    

Bangalore Laughing off questions on potential challengers, Jamaican sprint legend Usain Bolt turned on the charm offensive on his maiden trip to India, throwing humility out of the window to declare that his records are pretty much out of reach.Bolt will play a seven-a-side exhibition match against a team which will have some of India's top cricketers. The four-over match will be played with Team Bolt comprising his best friend Nugent Walker Junior and Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh among others.The rival team would be led by all-rounder Yuvraj Singh, who will have his long-time friend and ren...

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