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【電影預告】遺落戰境 (Oblivion, 2013) (繁體中文字幕)

導演:約瑟夫柯金斯基 (Joseph Kosinski) 原著:約瑟夫柯金斯基 (Joseph Kosinski)、阿爾維德尼爾森 (Arvid Nelson) 編劇:約瑟夫柯金斯基 (Joseph Kosinski)、卡爾加德賽克 (Karl Gajdusek)、麥可安特 (Michael Arndt) 演員:湯姆克魯斯 (Tom Cruise)、歐嘉 ...

When Tom Cruise faced a gruelling challenge on the sets of 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation'

May 04, 2015    

Los Angeles:Actor Tom Cruise said that he faced a "gruelling" challenge on the set of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation.The 52-year-old had to do a particularly "hairy" stunt for the film involving a motorbike, reports"It was physically the most gruelling sequence. We're going at very high speed with Simon Pegg as my passenger, drifting through very narrow streets with cameras on (the bike), Cruise told Yahoo! Movies."I'm not wearing a helmet or pads, and at one point I'm highsiding a guy. It was hairy, actually," he added.Meanwhile, Cruis...

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