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War of the Immortals introduction ID

ID= 3100191G020602069007900S3f7fb2 War of the Immortals introduction ID to get better stuff 1) Get free game and sign up at http_// 2) St...

Assam Congress dissidence Is the game over for Tarun Gogoi?

Jul 21, 2014    

Is the Congress government in Assam on the verge of collapse? There's no clear indication yet but unless Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi comes up with something dramatic the end game could be near for the government. Health and Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma resigned from the ministry on Monday as the Congress high command refused to entertain his demand for a change in leadership in the state. As many as 31 legislators announced open support for him. However, neither the former minister nor the MLAs resigned from the Congress. Sarma's decision marks the culmination of two-years of simmerin...

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