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Choplifter 3 - Game Gear REVIEW

I played the original Choplifter back then on my brother's apple computer.The Super Nintendo version of Choplifter 3 is good but I really prefer the handheld versions of the game.Publisher: Broderbund Software INC - Extreme Entertainment Group Developers: Beam Software - Teeny Weeny Games

How innovation happens: Outliers in the game of progress

Jul 31, 2015    

By Mehul KapadiaBeing an outlier means standing apart from others it could be an extreme thing, even an anomaly. Certain environments that present unique challenges to the people and machines operating within them are also called outliers. In these environments, necessity breeds innovation. To succeed in outlier environments requires a combination of out of the box thinking, technical expertise and past experience. Designing solutions to meet the demands of these extreme settings has led to game-changing innovations and holds the key to future technological breakthroughs, which can make the w...

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